league bowling

Fall Leagues


Challengers East: 10AM  Every Sunday Price: $9 weekly – gets you 3 games of bowling and shoes. Contact: Melissa Barnett [email protected] or  Bob Pierce – 734-478-1425 – [email protected] 

Notes: Do not need to be present every week. Do not need to bowl all 3 games if not wanted. This is just to get everyone together and have a great time.

Stags & Nags: 6PM Every other week adult men and women league. Four person teams made up of 2 men and 2 women.
Start date: 9/16
We have room for 1 team
First Saline Mixers: 6:15PM Every other week adult men and women league. Four person teams made up of a mix of men and women.
Start date: 9/11


Monday Fun: 
Adult men and women league. $20 weekly fees for 33 weeks. Any combination of adult women and men make up a team of 5. You can have up to 7 people on your roster. There is also an open sub list. We run optional brackets, jackpots, 50/50, mystery, progressive mystery and strike jar!

Start date: 8/29



Maplewood Jr. House: 
 Adult men’s league. Teams of 5.
Start date: 9/6

Hi Lo Ladies: 6:15PM
Adult women’s league. Teams of 5.  This is our largest women’s league at Station 300 Saline, and enormous fun!

Start date: 9/7

Contact Linda Towler: 734-846-2057



Thursday Open: 4:00PM Adult men and women league. 2 person team made up of any combination of men and women. Currently have 8 teams, looking for more!!
Start date: 10/6
Maplewood Twilite:  6:15PM Adult men’s league. This is a 24 five-man team league, up to an 8 man roster and a 40 point system.  $20 per week with optional jackpots, brackets, 50/50, mystery, progressive mystery and strike jar!  This is our largest men’s league at Station 300 Saline, with great competition and sizable prize fund.
Start date: 9/1
PBC: 9:45PM  Adult men’s league – two man teams
Start date: 9/16
Old Timers :1:00PM 
Age 50+ men and women league. This is a trio league of any combination. You MUST be 50+ years of age or turning 50 this year.
Start date: 9/9
Gutterdusters: 6:15PM
Adult women and men league. This is a mixed league of 12 teams made up of 4 people with at least one person of the opposite sex.
Start date: 9/9
Saline Merchants: 6:00PM
Adult men’s league. – Teams made up of 5 men.
Start date: 9/9
We have room for 2 teams
youth league

Summer Leagues

Tuesday Mixed Trio
Limited new team availability
15 weeks
Starting date: May 10th


Ed Rondot’s Midweek Matchplay
(this is not a league)

Start date: May 11th.
Start time: 7:30pm.
Entry fee is $25 per person every night.
Payouts nightly.


Have-a-ball League
(not a sanctioned league)
Teams of 4, all ages, any mixture of man and woman.
15 weeks
$20 per week
Starting date: May 12th
Start time:  6pm